BioEnergy Sensors ( ie. Thermometer, Accelerometers, Gyroscopes )

BioMass Sensors ( ie. Weight scales , LIDAR, Pendulums, capacitors, turbidity based )

BioVibration Sensors (ie. Acoustic, SubAcoustic, Ultrasound )--piezo, electret condensor, capacitor

BioElectrical Sensors (ie. EEG, ECG, EMG, Nerve Conduction )--nanoelectrodes, larger electrodes

BioMagnetic Sensors ( ie. MEG, MCG, MMG ) via SQUIDs,

BioElectroMagnetic Sensors (ie. Terahertz, Optical, Infrared, Ultraviolet and Radiative Versions ) via photodiode, CCD, CMOS, Pulsed Laser----- (-- --

BioChemical Sensors (Protein, Polynucleotides, Glycans, Metabolites, Electrolytes, pH, Minerals ) via ELISA, Chromatographic, Enzymatic, NMR

BioNuclear Sensors (ie. neutron, neutrino, positron, electron, alpha particle, and others)